Mission.  To embrace, encourage, and empower us in our faith journey, and to discern and participate  in God’s work in the world.

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881 Autumnwood Dr
Winnipeg, MB R2J 1C2
ph. 204-257-8594

Parish Priest
The Rev. Dr. Jane Barter
Parish Deacon
The Rev. Deacon Helen Hunter
Peoples' Warden
Rectors' Warden
Mr. Ken Joyal
Dr. June M. James O.M.
Parish Administrator    
Linda Robbins

Come and Join us for Messy Church at St. Barts

Call for volunteers and participants

Rev. Jane is looking for volunteers (ideally those who have an up-to-date criminal and child abuse registry check) who are willing to help out with starting a "Messy Church” (https://www.messychurch.org.uk) at St. Bart’s.

We hope to meet once a week for one hour after school on Tuesdays (from 4 – 5 p.m.) until the end of the school year. 


Upcoming Events 2018 .


June 24 2018.         Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

                                  Presider Rev. Jane Barter.

                                  8.30 a.m. BCP Morning Prayer

                                10.30a.m. B.A.S Holy Communion. 

Thursday                Food Bank will close during the month of July.

On Saturday June 16th 2018.

Electoral Synod  elected Venerable Canon Geoff Woodcroft as Co-Adjutor to Bishop Don Phillips. The Synod was chaired by Metropolitan of the Province of Rupert’s Land  Rev. Gregg Kerr-Wilson.

Canon Woodcroft selected on the fifth ballot, will work alongside cur current Bishop Don Phillips who retires in September2018. Consecration of the  new Bishop for the Diocese of Rupert’s Land is on October 13th 2018 at  St. John’s Cathedral, Winnipeg.

Tuesday  June 26th 2018.        Vestry Meeting

Wednesday  June 20th  World Refugee Day                                              

Over the past two years the highest rate of displacements due to wars and  conflict have been recorded. This has resulted in an unprecedented numbers of refugees. United Nations states that 65.6 million people had fled their homes by the end of 2016. 22.5 Million are refugees, 55 % of these  are from three  countries South Sudan,(1.4M),  Syria (5.5M) and Afghanistan (1.8M)., nearly half are under the age of 18.In Canada , the goal of admitting 25,000 refugee claimants from Syria,  has been achieved , the government is now focusing on other vulnerable women and family reunification.  

Thursday June 21st. Indigenous Peoples day.    

Messy Church will commence in the FALL.                        

Our Clergy Ministry team comprises Rev. Dr. Jane Barter,  Rev. Fraser Hunter, Rev Jody Miles and Rev. Deacon Helen Hunter during this transition period as we develop a profile in the search for a new Incumbent.

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