Anglican Grow Hope

                       What is the Grow Hope Project.?

                          Farming is an act of faith

St. Bartholomew Parish is thrilled to be part of this Diocesan  initiative, which is linking farmers with churches to provide food for people in need. The Funds  raised will result in a donation to the Primate World Relief and Development  Food (PWRDF) Bank account.    How does it work?

Churches were asked to contribute $300.00 per acre to the 15 acres project.

These funds were given to a farmer Lea and his family who reside in the Pembina Hills, to purchase seeds etc in order to  plant the crop. The donor ( parishioners or church) will receive a tax receipt. When the crop is harvested the farmer donates the  proceeds of the sale  of the crop to the Diocese and he or she will receive a tax receipt. The money is then sent by the Diocese to the Food  Grains Bank.

To briefly recap

  1. Parish donates.

  2. The farmer plants the crop

  3. The farmer and the parish group get to know each other. Field trips or work visits can be arranged.

  4. Once the crop is harvested and sold the money is donated back to the Diocese.

  5. The Diocese transfers the donation to the PWRDF equity account of the Food grains Bank

  6. There is the potential for this money to be quadrupled as if the PWRDF project for the country in need is approved by the Canada Food grains Bank the donation can be  quadrupled.

Our first familiarising visit is on June 3rd. Hosted by the St. Luke’s Church 11a.m. Program includes Rogation Service, Blessings of the farm and BBQ lunch.(see poster)

RSVP to  Lynn or June.

Our Grow Hope Crop.

The 2018 harvest - our first - 15 acres planted in Pembina Hills by Farmer Lea was simply amazing. The crop was harvested in mid August 2018 and is now on the way to an elevator.

It is not too early for readers to send in their contributions for 2019. The cheque made out to St. Bartholomew should indicate “GROW HOPE”( so that a tax receipt can be issued and donation assigned accurately) and addressed to 881 Autumnwood Drive, Wpg R2J 1C2.

Thanks for your generous support.