Caribbean Soiree Review.

Delightful weather greeted guests as they made their way to St. Barts for our  Caribbean Soiree, which

was sold out two weeks before the date on April 25th 2015. They were not disappointed.

On entering  the Narthex , flags of  Guyana, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines , Jamaica and

Canada , palm trees, banana tree and a bistro table ( silent Auction item from Home Depot St. Vital)

complete with cocktail glasses, beach towel and broad brimmed Sun hat, transported everyone to the

Caribbean. Hues of deep blue  and mint green on these tables reflecting the  seas of this tropical

paradise, held   beautifully wrapped Silent Auction Items donations from parishioners, businesses in the

neighbourhood and Door prize tickets. Silent Auction tickets and refreshments stubs were available here as well.

 As guests entered the upper hall  festooned with  smaller palms tree variety, they  glimpsed a riot of

colours for the table flowers , blue runners on white tablecloths , to reflect the sea and surf  which

together with the Paradize band where a flag of Trinidad and Tobago was draped  exploited the

Caribbean ambience with  Steelpan and calypso. Our media designer par excellence Carol had  tables

named after different islands, with a bit of their history ( used for calling tables to the buffet) the signage

was supported in miniature wine carafes filled with sand the brainchild of David B..

The buffet which featured a Pirates salad referencing risk laden days of the pirates,  Potato,  enhanced

by  breadfruit( native to the Pacific Islands  but brought to the Caribbean by Captain Bligh ) and yams

(sweet potato ) salad , choices of rice Jamaican with red beans or Calypso  seasoned with saffron and

curry, Mandarin meatballs, Jamaican  jerk  or Carib (BBQ style- it is said BBQ origins are from Indigenous

people -there were two tribes Caribs and Arawak in the Caribbean). The chicken was prepared by

Executive chef Knolly, whose family are the number one caterers in Trinidad.                                            

The integral spice of Jerk is the Pimento pepper or Allspice  which has the flavours of cloves, cinnamon

and nutmeg, it is distinctive to Jamaican cuisine,  gives a flavour which can be medium hot  or fire-911

flavour depending of amount used usually with other type peppers.

Dessert included a Pound Cake, which is a sponge cake usually with lots of eggs but modified to take into

account the modern day battle with Cholesterol, Currant roll, a  flaky pastry with currants usually sliced

on the diagonal (British legacy)and  premium mango ice cream from Evas a Winnipeg business (

absolutely  no additives) had patrons seeking second helpings; the coffee “Hong Wing” was a blend of

Brazilian and Trinidad coffee beans. Dancing through the aisles occurred as Clyde Heerah, band leader

engaged the audience with music and laughter  creating a Carnival  like atmosphere.                                                             

The  comments were  positively upbeat and great, followed by questions related as to the date of the

“next one”  immediately after the evening ended.

It was a collaborative venture by parishioners and friends , many items being donated or loaned which

enabled us to make a meaningful income for our Community programs.

See you next year!

June James