This year Winnipeg had false starts for Spring beginning around May 15th warm then chilly weather on a recurring basis. Mayl 27th however was a sunny day and many parishioners happily came to the Church hall  to enjoy delectable desserts. Calories were non- existent. Selections of Strawberry shortcake, trifle, Cheesecake and Mango mousse to mention a few stirred the appetites embellished by tea or select coffees.

Simultaneously, there was the  sale of plant cuttings: annuals, perennials and tropical varieties such as Hibiscus these cuttings were started by the green thumb of Jeanette W. For the garden aficionados many  outdoor trinkets were available to add elegance to their gardens.

The  patio planters and hanging baskets sales were concluded that day as well and added to the  profits of the evening event.

The Editor was in a state of shock as she won a door prize of a large  green circular fragranced mantle.