Exchange: St. Barts (Diocese of Rupert’s Land) and the Central Buganda Diocese in Africa.

Gifts  of  Love,  Grace  and  Compassion.

Our church has enjoyed a long lasting, Spiritually warm  and Blessed relationship with our Companion 

Diocese of Central  Buganda.

This developed when Bishop Patrick Lee was transferred to  Central  Buganda  Diocese as Dean of
Training and Education Secretary  in 1984. A former Minister at St. Bartholomew (1957-1969), on  his return from Africa (1990) was appointed Bishop of Diocese of Rupert`s Land (1994-1999), and
encouraged us in Manitoba to be companions in Prayer to Buganda  through the  parishes.

The Anglican Church Women at St. Barts  avidly embraced that  International  outreach   and through the medium of letters, photographs and donations, financial or in kind- school  supplies for the children, or fabric for the women shared their love and  blessings with their overseas counterparts, under Bishop Jackson Matovu and his wife Perusi.

We at St. Bartholomew were pleased to meet with the Bishop Matovu and his wife at a special gathering at our Church hall  when they visited Winnipeg in  2002.

With the news of Bishop Matovu imminent  retirement in 2017, it  presented an opportunity for Bishop Don  of Diocese of  Rupert’s Land to organise a travel delegation.

The Diocesan 2016 delegation from various parishes  includes Bishop Donald Phillips and Venerable
Archdeacon Godfrey Mawejje will be carrying  medical supplies and expertise in health and other areas, such as water technology. The goals include Advocacy and Intentional discipleship, and to strengthen the  links of the 33 parishes  currently linked with Buganda. As a reminder the Diocese of Rupert’s Land was expanded to include Southern Ontario, individuals in the delegation from those parishes will get an opportunity to prayerfully assess their response and future involvement with the  mission.

 At St. Barts, dresses made by the Church mice Ministry  were carefully tagged, packaged  and together with a large card bearing signatures of parishioners and photos of church activities was sent with our Blessings though the auspices of our Bishop Don, prior to departure on Wednesday January 20th,2016.

There has been a hiatus with  our formal parish to parish communications over the past few years
though prayers for the parish are continuous, through God’s grace  and trust  we expect that this recent exchange will fuel our  intent to be closer to our sisters and brothers in East Africa, with more frequent communications as we embolden our roles as disciples.

June M. James, O.M.,M.D.

January 19th2016.