Global Exchange and Interaction : St. Barts.

    Africa,  Central America, Caribbean)  Gifts  of  Love,  Grace  and  Compassion.

Our church has enjoyed a long lasting, spiritually uplifting  relationship with our Companion  Diocese of Central  Buganda.
This developed when Bishop Patrick Lee was transferred to  Central  Buganda  Diocese as Dean of
Training and Education Secretary  in 1984. A former Minister at St. Bartholomew (1957-1969), on  his return from Africa (1990) was appointed Bishop of Diocese of Rupert`s Land (1994-1999), and
encouraged us in Manitoba to be companions in Prayer to Buganda  through the  parishes.

The Anglican Church Women   avidly embraced that  International  outreach   and through  letters, photographs and donations, financial or in kind- school  supplies for the children, or fabric for the women shared their love and  blessings with their overseas counterparts, under Bishop Jackson Matovu and his wife Perusi, whom we met  when they visited Winnipeg in  2002.

With the news of Bishop Matovu imminent  retirement in 2017, it  presented an opportunity for Bishop Don  of Diocese of  Rupert’s Land to organise a travel delegation, in which, dresses made by the Church mice Ministry  were carefully  packaged  and together with a large card bearing signatures of parishioners and photos of church activities .

The new Bishop is Michael Lubowa, and our parish counterpart St. Matthews led by Rector Paul Seyakama.

For Central America each Fall season there is a significant contribution of clothes for boys and girls together with blankets sent to Nicaragua with a medical team. The packages are  warmly welcomed by the people in the area,

Last year special blitz for donations to the   ‘beast”  the destructive fire in Fort Mc Murray and later to Haiti were successfully  undertaken by parishioners.