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Church Concert June 2014


Earth ,Wind ,Fire and Strings”.

June 18th 2014.

Summer concerts are one of the traditions of the season worldwide, thus the musical evening at St. Bartholomew last week was eagerly awaited .

The prelude was a lovely blessing by Deacon Helen Hunter which honored those who share and excel at their God- given talents.

David Graham, pianist and self taught guitarist of 13 years opened the program with a composition ‘Rippling Grasses’. He got inspiration for the tune while out in the Prairies landscape with this Mom. He prefaced this and subsequent works with a ‘story” thus engaging the audience‘s imagination. While in Kenya he crafted his second song African Blues Boogie, his final rendition “The dancer” was a tribute to his wife. Applause was enthusiastic.

The theme of the Prairies was renewed by one of the members of ``Flutes of Fancy”. Composer Marlaine Stevens read the lyrics of her composition ‘Dear Prairie Hills’, before it was played, it followed ‘The Korean Flower Song’, the familiar ‘Over the rainbow’, and `Annie Laurie `. The group of six women “who fancied they could play the flute” hence the name, also included Jeanette Jackson, Nila MacFarlane, Debbie Spindler, Morgan Wallacy, and Young- Sook Jo. The audience concluded that they are indeed bona fide flutists.

A budding violinist impresario Thanwa Goh first selection was Concerto No.2 in G major by F. Seitz, his second piece was Gavotte(French folk Dance from the 18th century) in G minor by J.S. Bach who himself was a violinist and organist. Accompanied on the piano by Megan Dufrat, Thanwa mastered the tempo of the dance with precision. He was expected to write his Grade 4 Violin Examination on June 21st .2014. Based on his performance, we are sure he was successful. By the way Thanwa is a student of Dominic Billinghurst- Schadek who grew up in our Church.

Megan Dufrat gave a solo performance on piano and amazed us with her rendition of Intermezzo. This was followed by a Flute solo ‘Kokopeli’ by Katherine Hoover. Kokopeli is a humpbacked flute player god of Native American cultures in South western United States. One his assignments is moving the season of winter into spring. Megan gently eased us into summer with her unique interpretation of this Hoover composition.

The Sassy Cats Brass Band had the audience feet tapping and humming along as they played recent favourites such as the ‘Night Train, Don’t get Around Anymore, the Theme from the Titanic and What a wonderful World’ led by Doug Jackson,(Alto Sax) other members included Jean Britton(Alto sax) –Walter Murray (Bari sax), Roland Fernandes (Tenor Sax ), Peggy Prendergast (Trombone), Ranny Slack (Euphonium), Meera Thadani (Trombone). Roland also did vocals for two of the selections. A remarkable performance by this ensemble, who wowed the attendees.

The final artistes were the St. Bartholomew Choir, under their multitalented director Jeanette Jackson. Their opening spirituals from the African genre allowed the male members Dave Bailey, Earl Mensforth , Sid Robbins and Bruce Miles to express their talents from tenor to baritone. Not to be undone with other selections: ‘One Song Many Voices’ and the `Irish Blessing `were the women Jeannette Wolfe, Judy Aubert, Gina Staples, Aquila Bagot and Audrey Chysyk who led the complex melody in these renditions.

A special thank you to Megan Dufrat who weaved the gold thread linking the performances throughout the entire evening.

Postlude : June James the Co- coordinator of the concert announced that the proceeds will be put into a segregated fund to bring in guest artistes during our Sunday worship.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Jeanette Jackson and Charmaine Bacon for bringing this exceptional group of artistes together, to David Bailey for assisting with ticket sales, Linda Robbins welcomed guests at the door, to Ada Greeley, Steve Doyle, Mariquita Trueman hosts for dessert and coffee.

June M. James, O.M.