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Craft Sale-May 2014

The St. Bartholomew Community Artisans Craft Sale.

The St. Barts craft sale was held on May 3rd 2014.  The weather  was very chilly an ongoing  residua of the very cold nightmarish winter  inside however our decorated hall with Spring motif  of flowers provided a welcoming and warm environment where community artisans were able to display and sell their marvellous wares . I was scheduled to assist with elevator rides but had an early opportunity to tour the lower and upper halls and converse with some of  the individual  craft specialists. My first stop was at the kiosk of Darlene Savage with PEOPLESWAY . A long time parishioner she discussed the values of general body health and wellness utilizing herbal products. This is a fast selling though sometimes controversial pharmaceutical  issue where  on  occasion the sales pitch  claims that the product is a panacea to all that ails you. Darlene gave a measured dialogue on her products used for skin care (say goodbye to wrinkles), weight loss and essential mineral supplements. One interesting ingredient  is  yerba,  this plant is found  in Southern Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. The Guarani  Indians here have used this herb since ancient times for medicinal purposes.Yerba mate tree  can grow up to  50ft  tall.  It is a family of the Holly, The  evergreen leaves or yerba contain caffeine, (known in some parts of the world as mateine.

Drinking mate with family or close  friends from a shared hollow gourd called a  mate in Spanish) with  a metal straw (a bombilla in Spanish,) is a common social practice and recall enjoying this tea bit like green tea last year 2013 while in Argentina. Scientific studies have shown  that Yerba  reduces cholesterol, and may lower blood sugar. This is perhaps may  be the  reason why it is incorporated into a weight reduction product, combined with vitamins and minerals.

The restoration expertise of David and Trunks was simply fantastic showing photos of the ‘before” and “after” trunk  almost a miraculous transformation. In this craft since 1990,he addresses current  environmental concerns by using recycled products including the red cedar common on British Columbia coasts, authentic leather straps, old fashioned keys. The trunks on  rollers, can be pulled with a short rope and serve as an  excellent gift for young women who desire the traditional hope chest of their great grandmothers or it can be used as a linen  or other storage chest.

While Mother Nature often spontaneously develops a landscape that defies words of expression, Our own Artist- In- Residence Pat Wheeler captures  a similar  landscape with her paintings, and  rather unusual modern  abstracts were found on many of her note cards. In the photos Pat is displaying her many pictures from her large Art collection on display,

While many vendors showcased knitted scarfs, linens , handbags and personal care items, which were very appealing , another artisan who caught my attention was Paulo Delgado. He used recycled wood and tile a signature feature of Portuguese arts and culture  in  designing and producing one of a kind earrings, rings and other jewelry.

Patrons were able to enjoy a variety of  sandwiches, sweets, hot and cold drinks. The event was quite successful, any surplus of muffins or cookies were
sold next day after church service.

Next year weather permitting, and vendors agreeing, would suggest that the event be held outdoors to allow street visibility.

June   M. James.