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Welcome back Sunday September 21st 2014

Welcome back Sunday September 21st 2014.

The overcast skies which greeted the day on the 21st did not dampen the enthusiasm nor the expectations of the many parishioners who worshipped at the 10 30am service.

In fact we welcomed a new family who arrived from Nigeria a mere two months ago. The parents were accompanied by their four children. Parishioners enjoyed barbecued hotdogs, chicken or hamburgers together with potato salad, coleslaw and ice cream.

The unending conversations and laughter were silenced briefly as everyone enjoyed their lunch. Once the meal was completed a biblical game was played by all , truncated bible phrases or words were distributed with the onus to find another individual to complete the phrase. Gifts of a baseball shaped candy was accepted with relish by those in the victory line up.

The children then played games one of which required exceptional eye hand coordination (picture shown),while Christine showed us her prowess with the hula hoop.

Brilliant sunshine graced the sky during the midst of the celebrations and suspect everyone is looking forward to September 2015.

The team of Mariquita, Judy, Linda, Colleen, Mary, Mary-Jean, Sid, Val, Lynne, Jeannette, Veronica and

June were thanked for their efforts by Rev. Lee.

Tireless Mariquita