Humanitarian Responsibilities

Fort McMurray and SBAC.

Natural disasters are now more devastating globally even in North America as populations in all areas have increased.

In Fort McMurray, Alberta what appeared to be a small brush fire  on May 1 st 2016 rapidly escalated to be  an inferno because to  the dry conditions of the land. Unusual activities seen rarely with fires occurred . Called the ‘beast “the fire at its height travelled at 30-40 metres,  jumped over roads and rivers, and the funnel cloud in the heart of the fire was seen from outer  space .It was finally brought under control on July 6th thanks to the  relentless work of an International team of Fire fighters and nature given rains. The 88, 000 inhabitants had to evacuated from their homes in what turned out to be the costliest national disaster in Canada.

At St. Bartholomew a donation drive was launched, our funds were matched by the federal government. It is a relief to learn that many have returned to Fort McMurray now face the monumental  task of rebuilding.

As part of the Anglican Diocese, St. Barts makes contributions year round to the Primate World Relief Development Fund which not only contributes to disasters but also initiates and  provides funding for projects around the world. 1958 in Springhill, Nova Scotia an explosion in a coal mine led to the deaths of scores of miners. The Primate World Relief fund was established by  Anglicans in response to this . Ten years later it was called the Primate World Relief and Development Fund in order to fund global projects.  

One of the many current projects in Africa  is the establishment  of solar sourced electricity. Solar panels have been  installed in a dedicated building where pregnant mothers receive prenatal care  in a village in Rwanda. The  always available electricity is used to sterilize instruments used and water required during delivery, infant and maternal  mortality have  decreased. As a fringe benefit  villagers installing  the same solar technology have electricity in their homes for cooking etc , and lights  allowing the children to study at nights with proper illumination.  There is no need for expensive infrastructure.

Your contributions are welcomed, please specify PWDRF and the amount given. There will be the added benefit of a tax receipt for your generosity.

Mail to St. Bartholomew Anglican, 881 Autumnwood Drive, R2J  1C2.

SIGNUPFORLIFE.CA                                                                       This is an on line registry where Manitobans can record their wishes to be organ and or tissue donors after death.

The new drivers licence does not allow this option to be placed there, having a slip of paper in your wallet is not ideal as it may get misplaced or lost. Registering your wishes to be an organ and or tissue donor helps someone else and your family as well. The information is recorded and stored in a Manitoba eHealth database and will be made available to your family at the right time, ensuring that your donation decision is known and respected…..By making your decision today , it relieves your family of the burden to make this decision on your behalf.