Letter of Appreciation to our Interim Priest at St. Bartholomew Anglican Church. Rev. Dr. Jane Barter

Dr. Jane Barter was born in Europe, spent her formative in years Nova Scotia, then lived in western Canada, including Windsor Park for more than twenty years.

She earned her B.A.  at Dalhousie University (Halifax), Masters in Divinity at Atlantic School of Theology (Halifax) and PhD at the University of Toronto (St. Michaels College).

Jane was ordained in 2009 to the Diaconate, and became a priest in 2010.  A segment of her priestly externship occurred at St. Bartholomew, under Canon Donna Joy. One of the events we fondly remembered at that time was the liturgical dance done at confirmation by the confirmants under the leadership of Jane .

Jane`s journey with us since March 11th 2018 as our Interim Priest has been one of Blessed exhilaration.  Our journey together and will be completed on September 9th 2018.

Her sermons were spiritually invigorating, defining her expertise in Theology, bringing into context events of the day  as she preached on a specific aspect of our readings from either Epistle, Psalm, and or Gospel. Her homily was also intertwined with  laughter and compassion as she reminded us about the homeless, and the fact that Food Banks were still needed in this land of plenty. She often spoke about  our Indigenous neighbours and integrated into service the acknowledgement of the Land.(was formerly done only at vestry and Bible Study).                                      Her interaction with those at the Wednesday morning Gospel discourse and Eucharist was stimulating and she challenged us to expand the teachings of Christ and the Bible in different formats.

This professor of Theology (and yoga enthusiast) at The University of Winnipeg in the Department of Religion and Culture, specializes in Christian and Jewish thought.  She added that the students, from both Christian and non- Christian faith traditions keep her stimulated with the scope of their questions and she anticipates another year of Academic enjoyment.

She will continue as the Minister at St. Peters Dynevor and has a  new assignment as Minister of the Anglican community in Fisher Branch.

We have extended an open invitation  for Jane to worship with us at St. Barts  if weather conditions in winter precludes travel to Fisher Branch.

Jane you will be missed and on behalf of St. Bartholomew , we wish you, Luke and Sophie God`s Grace and Peace.

In Christ,     Wardens Ken and June,