Index of Ministries

 Contact Person



 Adult Education


 Children's Ministry

Lynn Doyle

 Christmas Tree Lights


 Churchmice Group


 F.I.T. Committee

Karen Mc Arthur

 Food Bank/Winnipeg Harvest

Gary & Judy Aubert

 Fundraising Events

 Chair Rotates for events

Grow Hope Diocesan Program with Canada Food Grains Bank


 Men's Club  

June M. James and Lynn Doyle


Sid Robbins

 Pastoral Care (team)

Rev Andrew Rampton and

Rev. Deacon Helen Hunter

 Prayer Meetings/Bible Study

 Helen Hunter

 Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

 Lynn Doyle and June M. James

 Siloam Mission


 Social Justice Committee

Lynn Doyle

 Thelma Wynne Project


 Uganda, Companion Parish


 Worship and Music

Val Ross            







Please contact group leaders through the church office.