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Dedicated members who have answered the call to this ministry and works closely with incumbent.
Generally, meets on the first Wednesday of each month.
Meeting the Needs of Our Church Family and Our Community
  • Visiting
    • Visiting those hospitalized, shut-ins, those recuperating at home
    • Take altar flowers to those in need
  • Communion
    • Communion is brought to shut-ins by the incumbent and the deacon.
  • Prayer List
    • "Prayer List" with names of those in need, is read each Sunday.  The names are on the list with the permission of the individual.  Forms are located at the back of the church to request a name be placed on the Prayer List
  • Cards
    • Cards signed by the congregation are sent or taken to individuals;
      • get well, cheer up, etc.
      • Christmas and Easter cards are signed by the committee and sent to shut-ins.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry
    • Shawls, knitted by parishioners, are blessed and distributed to anyone in need, along with "Care Packages" made by the Sunday School.