St. Bartholomew   The Church and Community Centre.

       New beginnings  in anticipation of the 60th year

                                                  of Church and Community Ministry.

In 2019 the Church will celebrate it Diamond Jubilee, the hall marked the occasion two years ago.

After almost 6 decades of use, It is expected that wear and tear will be noted on the buildings and surrounding entry ways. However contributions from donors will ensure we have  almost totally renovated buildings for the 60th  anniversary celebrations.

The work of the Food bank and Community volunteers was acknowledged by The Winnipeg Foundation who in 2016 granted $15,000  to purchase new tables , new blinds and extensive kitchen renovations to store (new cupboards) or refrigerate food.(commercial appliance).A few years earlier the floor was replaced when the elevator was installed and Parishioners each purchased a chair- an initiative of Carol B.

Overall  the transformation has been astounding such that Hall rentals for private events are  occurring.

By the  end of this year there will be grand new  entry  as the walkway and concrete slab under the signage board will be replaced. New signage will be in place on the church wall and inside the sign box. The lower hall will also get new flooring, new blinds, while enhanced storage options for the church ministries will be undertaken.

The latter extensive package of refurbishment is thanks to the largesse of  the Sir Thomas  Cropo Foundation who donated $20,000.

Members of SBAC wish again to thank our benefactors for their generosity. They will be remembered with the placement of  plaques.

Blessings …… June M. James, M.D.