55th Anniversary Celebration at St. Barts.

Sunday August 24th 2014 marked the 55th Anniversary of the Ministry of Anglicanism in Windsor Park Community.(See History)

The previous day, the Committee pictured around the Banner of St. Bartholomew decorated the Upper Hall in hues of pink, orange and yellow to compliment the vibrant colors of the gerbera flowers on the plates and napkins.

Despite the inclement weather, many parishioners and well-wishers attended the Thanksgiving Service presided by Reverend Fraser Hunter and administrants Val Ross and Jane Morton. Our Incumbent Minister Lee Titterington interrupted his vacation to be present. A special blessing was the presence of two of the founding members Mrs. Jean Cross and Miss Aquila Bagot, who later cut the cake under the watchful eyes of Lee and Wardens Jane and June.

The recessional hymn a favourite ‘Onward Christian Soldiers” led the congregation to the Upper Hall. The sumptuous lunch was prepared which garnered many compliments.

Earlier we learnt that a former Minister of St. Barts, Reverend David Maynard was unwell; prayers were said on his behalf during the service, His former parishioners, sung during the luncheon a loud Happy Birthday, to him over a mobile phone as he resides in Northern Manitoba.

We strive and pray that we can continue to be a welcoming parish to our neighbourhood.