An opportunity to reflect on fifty plus years of worship, faith and mission in Windsor Park. “Come and See”( John 1.39)
The following chronicles a brief synopsis of the Church’s early beginnings:

On November 27th, 1957 at a meeting at St. Philip’s Church, a decision was made by 24 residents of Windsor Park to establish a neighbourhood church. (see photo)

(note the signature of Aquila Bagot who remains an active member of the church)

This Church started the first Sunday school in the community on December 22nd 1957. The classes were held in families’ homes (two such households were: Salstrom and Bagot)

It was not until April 13th, 1958 that the first Church service occurred in Frontenac School located across the street.

Later January 26th, 1959 at the first Annual General Meeting a decision was made to purchase three lots on Autumnwood Drive in Windsor Park (Winnipeg, Manitoba); land that would house the church building and rectory It was determined that it would be more feasible to build the Church Hall first and the church next.

August 19th, 1959 marks the appointment of the first Rector, The Rev. Patrick Lee (Later Bishop of the Diocese).

On Remembrance Day that same year Archbishop Barfoot laid the Cornerstone for Parish Hall .The- first church service held in the Upper Hall on . December 24th, 1959

February 24th, 1964 the Church was dedicated

Effective October 1st, 1967 - The Rev. Patrick Lee was reassigned to be replaced by The Rev. Harold Newton.

August 24th, 1984 marked the 25th Anniversary, Family portraits were taken for a souvenir Pictorial Directory. A Wine and Cheese reception was held in the Parish Upper Hall.

Fifty year Anniversary celebrations 2009 were by nature more elaborate, souvenir mugs, booklets sponsored by the business community with congratulatory remarks by Bishop Don Phillips and political representatives; bookmarks and wearing apparel were available. Wine and cheese reception  September 24th, together with a Banquet September 25th preceded our Church service held on the Sunday September 26th 2009.

A New banner was hung in the Church: Sharing in Worship, Faith and Mission with the added inscription “Reaching Forward To What Lies Ahead” Phil3.13 - (see photo above left)

Throughout these ensuing fifty plus years the congregation has continued to build on its original strong foundation to accept and take to heart Jesus Christ’s commandment ‘Love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbour as ourselves.’ This teaching and commitment has taken this parish on a collaborative and often vibrant spiritual journey. It has involved a succession of dedicated Rectors, the exemplary leadership of church Wardens, and an engaged group of parishioners who recognize their responsibility to God, each other, and their community – locally and internationally. We remain committed to care for each other the shawl Ministry provides a concrete example of the trust.

At St Bartholomew we provide Christian Education programs, which include Vacation Bible Summer School; Sunday School, baptism and confirmation, knowledge of and action for Social Justice issues locally and internationally ; support to Primate World Relief Development Fund, which for example builds wells to secure safe water supply in villages in Africa and elsewhere, ongoing assistance with recent Haitian disaster with personnel and donations;, volunteering at Siloam Mission and a Men’s Club. All of the above is addition to worship on Sundays at 8 30am and 10.30am led by Reverend Titterington.

We continue to have links with the Frontenac School , in fact if there is any disaster we can provide accommodations for the emergency

We work collaboratively with others to build a stronger community in a variety of ways. Some examples include:

-Sharing building space in order to support Community initiatives such as Cubs, Girl Guides, Pathfinders, Gamblers and Alcoholic Anonymous programmes and other community groups as needs arise.

-Hosting a Food bank in conjunction with Winnipeg harvest.

-Vacation Bible School in August which hosts 60 children each summer.

-Organizing specific events such as our “Blue Xmas Tree ‘ which raise funds to support local organizations (e.g. Prendergast Day Care, Windsor Park Collegiate).

-Partnering with Frontenac School in hosting Black History month.

-Financially supporting schools and education in Uganda.

-Assistance with purchase of sewing machines to support and facilitate women in employment and small business entrepreneurs in Uganda

-Knitting hundreds of Teddies for orphans in Uganda.

Collated by June M. James