Primate's World Relief Developement Fund

PWRDF though ACTS (Action Through Churches) provides funds for areas hit by disaster and a request is sent out to parishes for support.
  • Not about money - about people*
  • Not about handouts - about partnerships
  • Not about charity - about dignity
  • Not about them - about us.
50th Anniversary of PWRDF in February, 2012
* Anglican Church of Canada
We at St. Bart's support PWRDF:
  • Representative in this parish keeps members informed of development projects and news of PWRDF
  • Justice Work:
    • A project for AIDS
    • WATER during the year of Enough for All
    • FAIR TRADE:  Promote the buying of fair trade products by our parishioners and buy fair trade supplies for the church kitchen ie. coffee, etc.
    • FUNDRAISER:  One Voice CD prepared for the 50th Anniversary
PWRDF responding to the Horn of Africa Drought and continues to respond to the famine situation in the Horn of Agrica.
As of August 19th, Canadian Anglicans have donated $292,158 through PWRDF.  The Canadian government will match all donations.