Remembrance Day Celebrations

Remembrance  Day service  was held at the Church. Parishioners were able to avail themselves of poppies as they entered the church.

The Service opened with the singing of O Canada ,by the choir and congregrants accompanied by guest trumpeter, Matt Neufeld  and our organist Simon King.

The reading of the poem “in Flanders field” by Ken  Joyal, our Assistant People`s warden  brought stark recall for some whose family members were active participants in the wars. Collectively we remembered and prayed for  the men and women who fought (and died)  in previous World Wars and those fighting now  in the Middle East  and Afghanistan to ensure peace, justice and  also now the ability for Christians to worship freely and in safety.

The playing of the Reveille followed by silence then the playing of ‘The Last Post’ always evokes a great deal of emotion and on Sunday it was no exception.

 Thanks to Simon King, the Choir, Music and Worship Ministry, Lee for a thoughtful sermon interspersed with personal experiences, the  guest trumpeter, Matt  and the procession the Sunday school children to lay a Banner and  of  simulated Poppy Flowers under the watchful eye of supervisor Lynn Doyle  made it  another  memorable service of reflection and gratitude for the many in attendance.

The service concluded with ‘God Save the Queen” and a  postlude by Simon King(recorder) and  Matt  trumpeter.

       …………………………… Lest we Forget………………..