Report-World Day of Prayer

Report on World Day of Prayer,
                 Windsor Park,  Winnipeg at St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church.
                                          Friday March 2nd 2018  1.30p.m. 

As customary in the Windsor Park area, various churches, St. Bartholomew, Prince of Peace, Windsor Park United, St.Martyrs Canadiens, and St. Bernadette R.C. came together for World day of Prayer services. St. Bernadette was the host church, and organising team were from the constituent churches. There were over 1250 services, in Canada alone. It is estimated that this day of ‘Informed Prayer and Prayerful action’ usually the first Friday in March  is celebrated in 170 countries. The service this year was written by the Women of Suriname(formerly Dutch Guiana located in the North east corner of South America).The issues addressed were agricultural practices, extraction of minerals, gold and bauxite ( mercury is used in the gold mines by illegal operators- contaminate the water human and fish poisoning), hunting of endangered sea turtles, Waste management, Violence against children, women youth, how can we ensure the future of the earth with these concerns?
Of special significance  is the fact that the Women’s Inter church Council of Canada which sponsors the WDP is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year.
We had a fantastic service at the above location. Photos included are the table at  front of the sanctuary, organising team lead by Denise (very tall,) and Carol (multi coloured shift with red jacket), who greeted guests on arrival. A photo of all those who participated in the program including Val R from St Barts.
The writer  was formally introduced by Denise(coordinator) as representative from WICC and asked  to open the event. They very  were pleased and honored  that a representative from WICC was there.
In my remarks, as Secretary Treasurer, introduced the Women`s Inter-Church Council of Canada, sponsor of  The World Day of Prayer, naming the church faiths on Committee, and our new vision for the next 100 years, ``Restoring hope to Women touched by Injustice`.
 The congregation  was reminded that offerings went to projects in Canada and globally. Referencing the Cloverdale project in Nova Scotia, emphasised  the results of such a project to women in the legal system who need skills, attitudinal and behavioural changes  to get job opportunities on re-entry to society. They were encouraged to take home the program to get additional details of all the projects funded.                     Denise and Carol were Leaders 1 and 2 respectively. The group  decided to use the service as per booklet with various women participating, addressing the concerns previously listed. The hymns all alluding to the Creator, creation, the environment were very uplifting; each hymn I learnt was selected by a different participating individual. The pianist was excellent. We spent 5-10 minutes at the  times suggested for dialogue, especially how we can make a difference and change the ways we recycle, food packaging etc.                                                                                                                    It is estimated  that 75 people attended, including Jean C, long-time supporter of WDP, our Deacon, the People`s Warden and the Honorary Assistant at SBAC. The congregation thoroughly enjoyed the Service:  All God’s Creation is Very Good.        There was great deal of conversation, at the reception afterwards, augmented with a wide variety of delicacies, with Suriname (tropical)  fruit predominance in baking; cool drink of Passion Fruit, Coffee and Tea were also served  on a great day weather wise.  (Mercifully the winter storm did not arrive until March 4th)
June M. James, O.M,M.D..
The WICC Centennial   Celebration will be held in Winnipeg on November 3rd,2018 at CanadInns Pembina Highway. Brunch 2.00p.m. Tickets $25.
SAVE THE DATE.  November 3rd The National Present and Executive Director will attend the event.