Spring Concert 2015

“Music from the Liturgical year”  FLUTE AND ORGAN RECITAL.

                                                     Spring Concert. 2015. 

On March 27th , St. Bartholomew’s broke with its short lived tradition of a summer

concert. We had enjoyed Mozart in the past and last year  2014 an Eclectic mix of

voice , trumpet and trumpet band.

Concert goers in Spring 2015  revelled with Music from the Liturgical  Year –A

Flute and Organ recital with   none other than Rev Michael  Bruce as the Master

of ceremonies. Michael is the co-incumbent at the new parish of St. Francis

Anglican. His passion for music, liturgy and history of the church was evident as he

walked us through the a liturgical  musical calendar  beginning with Advent. The

performances by Michael Cutler on organ and Charmaine Flutist, pianist and the

Musical director at St. Bartholomew, were compelling  and amazing..

The concert opened with a  Prelude and Passacaglia , a thunderous rendition such

that audience immediately took note of this gifted organist Michael who began

playing at age 4. Born in Winnipeg he has studied with likes of Barry Anderson

Lawrence Ritchey and Lorrie Braun. His selection “Wachet auf, ruft una  die

Stimme  was not well known to the audience but his mastery with the instrument

gained our full attention.                                                                                                                      

Then we heard the Sonata in G major Pastorale movement, this reflective

selection heralded the season of Advent, the  knowledge of forthcoming

wondrous gift of Christ to us .  It is  one of the more popular compositions of

composer Rheinberger who was a child prodigy musician “conquering the piano

by age 5 and the organ by age 7.

Charmaine followed on the flute with the Adoration of the Magi, our imaginations

pictured the robed Arabs bringing the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the

Christ child being held by his mother Mary.

The Adoration of the Magi  is the second  of Respighi “Three Botticelli pictures”

inspired by the paintings of Botticelli, the famous Italian painter and has as its

underlying melody  “O come O come Emmanuel”. This resonated well with the

guests who silently sang this  post-  Christmas hymn. Charmaine played this with 

effortless  flair and passion. She studied flute performance at the Universities  of

Manitoba and Toronto. And is now a flute choir director, recitalist chamber

musician and pianist

The season of Lent Michael Bruce  informed us could be one of fasting or famine,

depending on the faith inclinations.  It was definitely  a musical feast  for us as we

heard “Crown Him with many Thorns” and the “Lenten meditation upon 40 days

and 40 nights” by Charmaine.

The Hallelujah  chorus from The Messiah  by George Handel is an integral part of

the Easter celebration. The  distinctive music from the Baroque period  16th

century Italy celebrates God’s victory after the Passion. George and Charmaine

gave a superlative performance of his timeless and well known composition.

We proceeded in the liturgical calendar to Pentecost with the music of Maurice

Durufle arranged by Michael Cutler himself. The importance of the spirit  in all

aspects in our faith belief, in our daily lives does not warrant repetition except to

say it is part of our DNA , a constant in our environment in our daily lives. Durufle

is the  author of Ubi Caritas  a  musical creation which instils a sense of peace.

The response of the audience – a standing ovation was a tangible expression of

the top tiered performance by these talented artists  Michael Cutler and

Charmaine Bacon.

In typical  manner  a dessert party followed the concert, during which the

attendees again congratulated Michael and Charmaine.

See you next year!

June M. James O.M.