St. Patrick Day Celebration

Rear view Mirror – Reports on Fundraising and Fellowship.  March to May.

                                             St. Patrick Day Celebration

For 2016,  the Annual general meeting was held at end of February. The budget showed a shortfall in revenue, thus Fund raising  events were strategically planned by chair Linda and her fund raising committee. The first  event was two weeks later.

March 17th  marks the worldwide celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, it was a splendid evening of festivities at St. Barts. While a few were in full costumes, others in the large crowd who attended wore various touches of green clothing accentuated by hats, jewellery, pins.

Traditional Irish stew prepared by various members was well received, and accompanied by Irish beer.

A silent auction of a painting drew many bids and won by a person of Irish ancestry ..pure coincidence. The evening was highlighted by a talk by Roger Currie about the origin of St. Patrick drawing heavily on historical material or certain folklore. He alluded to the Irish immigration to Canada, predicated by famine, their initial years of discrimination a common theme when new people arrive in this Canada.

It was very informative, drew lots of applause … he was thanked with a gift by Veronica.

This  event is  scheduled  for next year.  Pencil in your diaries for 2017.