Upcoming Events   JANUARY – February 2019.


February 3 rd  2019.    The Fifth Sunday of Epiphany.                                    

                                          Presider Rev. Andrew Rampton.

                                          8.30a.m. B.C.P.             

                                        10.30a.m. Holy Eucharist                                      

                                                    Children and Youth service.

                                                      Sermonette Lynn Doyle.



Celebration of New Ministry at St. Bartholomew Anglican.

The celebration of the New Ministry of Rev. Andrew Rampton   took  place on Sunday October 21 st at 4.30p.m. at the church. Prior to the service and in the presence of the Wardens, Bishop read a  legal letter of allegiance by Andrew re service to parishioners and priestly obligations to St. Barts, the Diocese and Province of Rupert’s Land, and  their respective leaders. During the Service the Wardens , read the words of a covenant and received a verbal commitment from Rev Andrew to Ministry at St. Barts. Wardens and Parishioners reciprocated with promise to assist the Andrew Michael in Ministry. During the  potluck supper, Sunday school students presented a gift to Andrew. Bishop Don soon to retire was thanked for his ministry in our Diocese and special connection with St. Barts, also received gift from the parishioners.

The New Bishop

Bishop Geoff Wood croft was consecrated as the 13th Bishop of the Diocese of Rupert’s land in October 2018.He is expected to visit our Parish during the Season of Pentecost. Watch for dates.

Stewardship    Stewardship is  any time. An commitment early helps us to  plan for the community building and interaction in 2019.The Creator has made us stewards of all things. With grateful hearts, we respond  by using your generosity and bounty well, dedicated to the ministry and mission and of the church, and our responsibility to financially support the church ministry and outreach.Please contact Linda at 204 257 8594 as all are strongly encouraged to  give.

EPIPHANY SUNDAY  January 6th 2019.

This auspicious, celebration in our Anglican Church, recalls the visit of the Magi, the three Wise men to the stable where Christ was born. Led by the Star from the East, they  carried gifts of Gold,(for a king) Frankincense ( holiness) and Myrrh (a perfume to anoint the dead- predicting his death) and presented them to Mary and Joseph. It also marked the revelation of God to the Gentiles as only the surrounding shepherd girls knew about this wondrous birth.

While Epiphany Sunday is the start of the church during the Calendar New year, we actually began a new year on December2nd 2018 the first Sunday in Advent

We can also commemorate a new beginning in  by participating in the “Chalking of the Doors”. During our service Chalk was Blessed to enact this observance in our homes.

Read more about this tradition at Epiphany in section “ The Liturgical traditions.”

February  3rd 2019  The 4th Sunday After Epiphany

                  The Blessing of the Candles

The celebration  with Thanksgiving of the Presentation of Our lord into the temple falls one day before, the Tradition of Blessing of the Candles which in the early Christian Church was incorporated into that Liturgy. Here is the history behind that observance

A Spanish nun, Egeria, chronicled her visit to the Holy Land (Egeria, Diary of a Pilgrimage) at the end of the fourth century. A remarkable journey for a woman of her era, she observed that a procession to the Basilica of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, on the fortieth day after Epiphany, was accompanied by the celebration of the Liturgy and wrote “let us celebrate the Feast of the Presentation in a solemn way: “illuminating the mystery of the day with lights.” In other jurisdictions the Feast of the Presentation was called The Candles, since there was a blessing of candles for the use of the church and for the personal use of the faithful. Within the next century this became an authorized Blessing of Candles.

The Feast of the Presentation was observed in Rome by Pope Gregory the Great in the 6th Century. The spread of the tradition west is credited in part to another woman, Ikelia. In 541 A.D. Emperor Justinian ordered that on the Feast of the Presentation, a candle-light procession be held throughout the city to implore divine protection against pestilence and the numerous earthquakes that plagued the city. Because of these historic associations, candles became an outward symbol of healing, being placed near the sick, or as a symbol of divine protection of believers.

Today, the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, for many Christians, is observed with a liturgy that includes the blessing of candles which are then distributed to the faithful.

While the Feast of the Presentation falls on 2 February each year, we will bless candles at St Bartholomew Anglican Church on Sunday, 3 February. If you plan to visit us that morning, bring candles that you would like blessed for your own use during the year!

Reference Wikipedia.

SUNDAY February 24th 2019.

This is a grand Festival Day for Parishioners at St. Bartholomew. It is the 60th Anniversary of the celebration of the Eucharis;  Church dedication took place on February 24th 1964. This Diamond Anniversary will be etched with celebrations all year long. On this date in February the church will be rededicated, we will host our Annual  General meeting after the 1030a.m. worship and then have time for a reception as we mix and mingle with each other, while thanking God for his guidance during this awesome journey. Make plans to be there.

Friday March 1 st.2019. World Day of Prayer. 7.00p.m.

SBAC is the host church in Windsor Park for the celebration of the World day  Prayer. .             Over one hundred years ago, Christian women came  together “to promote the spread [of] Christ's kingdom by united prayer, united action, and a stronger voice in national questions.” Their first national interchurch day of prayer for missions was held just over a year later, a similar American group joined in the event  and by 1922, the first Friday of March saw a united day of prayer for churchwomen across the continent; by 1927 it was a global movement. Each year a different country writes the Prayer, 2017 Philippines, 2018 Surinam.

2019  it is the  women of Slovenia theme `Come we are ready``

Informed Prayer. Prayerful Action. Imagine Christians from 170 countries including Canada praying together. Formerly a member of a Yugoslavia, situated  north of Italy and Croatia and south of Austria and Hungary. As we pray, hear the stories of the women, their country, their hopes and aspirations.                            Donations collected go to WICC to fund projects for women in Canada (40% and globally(60%) . Contributions over $20 will receive a tax receipt.

A reception follows the service . Overflow parking at the school

Go to wicc.org to read about the impact of these grants on the lives of women and children  as WICC `` Restoring Hope to women touched by Injustice.``