Welcome back Events in September October 2015

                                                Welcome back Events in September October 2015.

This year we extended the greetings of the  return of parishioners who had sojourned  during the summer at their cottages, the many children from various camp and sports clinics to a month long event at the church over four Sundays.

During the summer we noted a significant deficit , in church’s operations so that specific planning in tackling that situation, which had begun on June   23rd was very much on our minds.
Our official Welcome back Sunday was on September 13th. Minister Lee  greeted parishioners and during prayers we thanked  God for the safe return of members of St. Barts, and the great summer weather which would forecast a bountiful harvest.

Our luncheon post worship featured a variety of fruit breads, with cheese  cheddar  or cream cheese together with dainties coffee, tea or iced tea.

September 20th our Chair of Finance officially  announced the Budget Deficit Buster campaign to minimize the deficit. The conversations after church were productive as  it was explained that the shortfall was due to the fact that we no longer had another church tenant rental and that a member had moved elsewhere. The response  to this request announced by Mariquita two weeks later in October 4th was very encouraging.

On September 20th there was a friendly Golf tournament between United Church Windsor Park and St. Bartholomew at the Canoe Club. The St. Barts team consisting of Dave A, Dave B, Lynn, June, and Steve were the winners with special thanks to Steve. Our 6th golfer Mariquita was in another group. This was followed by supper and fellowship at Windsor Park  United Church. Perhaps next year we can host the tournament.

October 18th Stewardship Sunday is three days away. The forecast is for sun  and  inside St. Barts smiling generous and cheerful givers. A special luncheon of thanks giving will be coordinated by  Dave A, Val, Ego and June following the worship.