World day of Prayer.

World Day of Prayer  began by women In Canada and the United States in 1922, is now observed in more than 170 countries. By participating in this year’s WORLD DAY OF Prayer service , you are joining with Christians around the world and in almost 2000 communities in Canada.

The World day of Prayer is facilitated by an International Committee which meets once every five years to select themes and countries for upcoming services. Traditionally in Canada it is held on the first Friday in March. This year 2018, it was written by the women of Suriname  on the Theme “All God’s Creation is Very Good.”

In 2017 the service was written by the  Women of the Philippines-The theme “Am I  being unfair to you?”

The  offerings from the Churches in Canada are forwarded to the national office of the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada.(WICC) One portion of the proceeds supports the International Organization, the major  portion  covers the costs of printing and distributing WDP services and resources throughout Canada, and for project grants in Africa, Asia, Central- South America and Caribbean, Europe, Canada  and University  students of Canadian Theological Students Conference and Student Christian Movement of Canada. The final portion supports the WICC administration.

This year the service for all  Windsor Park Churches was hosted at Saint Bernadette Roman Catholic  Parish Church   on Cottonwood Drive, Winnipeg on March 2nd in the afternoon.

The Women of Slovenia will write the World Day of Prayers in 2019

June James, O.M, M.D.