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Dear friends in Christ,


It is no secret that there is global concern over the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and its spread across our planet. We have received a directive from our bishop, the Right Reverend Geoffrey Woodcroft, that as of Monday, 16 March, all gatherings, including worship, of Rupert’s Land Anglicans are to be suspended until further notice. This is a precautionary measure, not intended to frighten or alarm, but to preserve the health of all members of the Body of Christ as best as we are able.


You are encouraged to pray at home for the health and wellness of all people in our cities, towns, and provinces as we all adjust and work together to adapt the rapidly-changing circumstances of this pandemic. In particular, please pray for those who are sick; those who are vulnerable to illness; those who give their own skill and energy for healing; those everywhere whose lives have been disrupted by this virus.


Please check the diocesan website

( ) regularly for updates on the situation within Rupert’s Land. The messages and email at St Bartholomew Anglican Church will be checked by clergy and staff regularly, so please continue to communicate concerns and needs that you may have. We will address them as best we are able. Please also check the Province of Manitoba website ( ) regularly for updates on the situation within our province and directives on how best to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy.


I wish to reiterate and emphasize that there is no cause for panic at this point. These measures are precautionary and proactive, meant to preserve the health and wellness of all members of the Body of Christ as best we are able.


Yours in Christ,


The Revd Andrew Rampton

Incumbent, St Bartholomew Anglican Church

We find ourselves in unusual and uncomfortable circumstances. We are the Body of Christ but, for the time being, the members of that body must stay distant from one another to make sure the whole stays healthy. It is counter to our nature, but here is where we find ourselves.


In these times you have heard many messages - from me, from our bishop, and from other leaders - that while we practice social distancing and other precautions, we should pray. Pray at home, pray with your families, pray in many ways, but pray. And at times like these we feel as though we ought to pray and possibly with more energy and more direct intention than we do at other times. But it is not always easy.


For some people, trying to pray can be a bit like working with a blocked pipe. A bit of water trickles out, but without knowing how to address the blockage, the vast majority of what should flow does not. If the water would just start running, it would perhaps even take care of the blockage itself. In the same way, if we just begin to pray, however clumsy or strange or inadequate our prayers feel, we often find that what needs to be said comes forth.


In hopes of assisting with this, I have compiled a collection of prayers for a variety of causes and circumstances, particularly related to the concerns of uncertain times. The file is attached. I hope you find it helpful.



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