Baptism is the sign of new life in Christ. It unites Christ with Christ’s people, both individually and corporately. Christians are baptized one by one, but to be a Christian is to be a part of a new creation: to be a part of the Body of Christ. When Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan, God acclaimed him as “my son, my beloved”. In our baptism, God claims us as beloved and so we are made members of God’s family, with all Christians throughout the world, with those who have gone before us, and with those yet to come.


The Anglican Church of Canada baptizes adults, children, and babies. All are welcome at the font filled with the water of new life. This is because baptism is primarily about what God does for us: even as infants, before we can say anything, or act in a particular way, God already loves us and reaches out to bring us to share in love. The faith that follows, and in which parents, godparents, and the wider Church promise to help the person being baptized grow up, is always a response to the fact that God first love us.


Baptisms at St Bartholomew usually happen on those days of the Church year that are most appropriate for this rite:

  • The Great Vigil of Easter (The evening before Easter Day)

  • Pentecost (Fifty days after Easter)

  • All Saints Day (The Sunday following 1 November)

  • The Baptism of Christ (Sunday following Epiphany, 6 January)

Other days for baptism are possible in the event of emergency or pastoral necessity.


If you are interested in baptism for yourself or a child, please contact the parish priest.


Perhaps you have recently experienced the joy of the adoption or birth of a child and would like to acknowledge this in worship but, for whatever reason, are not ready for baptism. The Anglican Church of Canada has a liturgy for precisely this. The child and family are recognized in church, prayers and thanksgiving are offered for their life together, and the community celebrates with them.

If you are interested in offering thanks for the gift of a child, please contact the parish priest.


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